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Family/Marriage/Sexuality Moral and Ethical Issues

Is homosexuality accepted in the LCMS and can an open homosexual serve in any position in your church?

What is the LCMS policy regarding interdenominational or interfaith marriages? Is there anything that must be "promised" about children of these marriages?

Please give me some insight to the following quote from the Portals of Prayer, June 18, 2000, devotional: "God gives each of us roles to fill. The father is to be the spiritual leader in the family. He is to see that his children are baptized, that they come daily to God's Word and learn of God's salvation through His Son. He is to teach them the difference between right and wrong." This is a great example of how a family can work. However, I am a divorced mother and there is no man in our household. Is the church's stance on the father being the spiritual leader of the family so strong that the church would believe our family is spiritually "lost" because we have no male person as head of our household? Or is it that the word "father" here is used in more of a role title rather than only suggest gender?

What is the Missouri Synod's response to homosexuality?

If an engaged couple has sex before marriage, is the child conceived still considered a blessing? Is the sexual act, though the couple love each other and are promised to each other, still a sin?

How does the Missouri Synod's position on marriage differ from that of the Southern Baptist Convention that states that women should "graciously submit" to their husbands? I am undergoing premarital counseling and am wondering at what point it becomes required to "obey" my future husband. Is it now that we are engaged, or is it after we actually say our vows? Does church doctrine require that the word obey remain in the vows? If the church acknowledges that there are acceptable wedding vows other than the vows used by the church, why can't a marrying couple agree to modify the vows to remove the word obey?

How is divorce viewed in the LCMS?

What is the Synod's view on masturbation? Are there any references to self-pleasurement in the Bible? I was asked this question and I did not know how to respond other than, "I know it cannot be right in God's eyes." However, I do not have any theological proof. Can you help out?


FIRST ENGLISH LUTHERAN CHURCH • 1311 East 18th Street • Spencer, Iowa 51301 • 712-262-5598
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