FIRST ENGLISH LUTHERAN CHURCH • 1311 East 18th Street • Spencer, Iowa • 712-262-5598

Thy WORD is a lamp unto my feet
and a LIGHT unto my path.

Sunday Morning Services: 8:00 AM Traditional, 9:30 Christian Education Hour, 10:45 Blended Praise
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WELCOME to First English Lutheran Church
Welcome to First English Lutheran’s (FELC) website! We are a Christian community of approximately 1,100 members; a welcoming, sharing, and sending church with emphasis on Biblical teaching, evangelism, prayer, and missions here and abroad.

How to find us
FELC is located at 1311 E. 18 th St. in Spencer, Iowa (click here for map). Telephone 712-262-5598 for more information

Before you visit
View the floor plan of First English Lutheran Church (click here for floor plan).

When you visit
Handicapped entrances are available on the east and west sides of the building.

Our Purpose
To share the love and Good News of Jesus Christ in our homes, church, community, and world.

Our Vision
Our church will welcome everyone to a worshiping, caring, and sending fellowship of growing disciples who share the love and Good News of Jesus Christ.

What We Believe At
First English Lutheran we believe that the Almighty and Eternal God has created us, loves us and is concerned about us — regardless of our circumstances or station in life.

We believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God --- always correct and containing no errors --- which is why it us useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness.

We believe that because we are lost and condemned sinners our most basic and urgent need is to know and receive God’s forgiving and unconditional love.

We believe God has met this need through Jesus Christ, His Son, who is our Lord and Savior.

We believe God desires each of us to be in relationship with Him.

We believe that eternal, meaningful and fulfilling relationships occur with the context of Christian church — where people gather together to receive Christ’s love in a way that it will teach us to better serve and love one another.


INVISION — coming closer to the Lord Jesus Christ!

INVISION — experiencing the blessing of God’s forgiving peace, power and presence in your life!

INVISION — the fruit of God's Spirit overflowing in your life!

INVISION — the power of the Holy Spirit overflowing your heart with eternal hope and confidence in our great Savior Jesus Christ!

COME AND SEE — the goodness of God as we worship in His sanctuary and come before His altar to receive His grace!

COME AND WITNESS — our members share God’s love with each other as we give our time, talents, treasures and lives to the glory of God’s Kingdom here on earth.

COME AND SHARE — the fellowship we have with God and with one another.

COME AND GROW — with us as we study and learn God’s Word!

These are indeed the things that First English Lutheran Church seeks to provide for its members and our community. The mission of FELC is to "share the Good News of Jesus Christ in word and deed with its members, community, and the whole world." In our vision of touching people's lives with the love of Jesus Christ, it is indeed our desire that many more people will become part of the Body of Christ here at First English. It is also our goal that all people here at FELC be equipped through training and leadership for effective and exciting service to God's glory.

God’s Word guides everything we do at FELC: the assurance of our forgiveness through His Son, Jesus, and the love and power of the Holy Spirit. We receive these gifts from God in order to meet the needs of people through personal caring and lifelong relationships with God.

To this end, may we walk together in Christ!

Pastor Paul Kaldahl


FIRST ENGLISH LUTHERAN CHURCH • 1311 East 18th Street • Spencer, Iowa 51301 • 712-262-5598
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